With styling which begins in classical 18th Century Europe to Contemporary America, Universal encompasses the entire range of popular furniture fashions-traditional, colonial, country, oriental. Immaculately designed, and meticulously crafted, you can be sure that your choice will stand the most critical test of time.
New designs are introduced regularly, but only after the most careful monitoring of current trends. Specialised furniture designers are retained to develop new products, to create detailed engineering drawings and prototypes, and to market test these designs. Only after rigorous and successful research will a new model see the light of day. It is then that our customers appreciate the cost-saving advantages of efficient mass production techniques, lengthy production runs, and sensible sales and marketing policies.

From drawing board to market place, it is our attention to every small design and engineering detail which makes Universal the most desirable furniture in the world.

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名列全球三大家具製造商之一的環美家具集團,是一家風格獨特而富創意的整體家飾設計和製造公司。由 餐廳使用的桌、椅、碗碟櫃,客廳沙發擺設,乃至臥房家具組合,環美集團的各項產品,正以「UNIVERSAL FURNITURE」的單一品牌,揚名於世界。



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